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  1. I saw her on the pavement outside a Restaurant in Strand. She was big and black, her coat was drenched in an oily wetness; she crouched as if to resist going further and cringed in a way so horrible that I heard myself asking: “What’s wrong with your dog? Why is she so scared?” Young and tall and lean, tattooed and pierced with earrings across his face, he laughed at me as he dragged her forward on a chain that was strong enough t...

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  1. Humane Education CARING CLASSROOMS workshops
    Humane Education’s Caring Classrooms programme presents workshops for teachers aimed at awakening a sense of empathy and developing core values.
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  2. Cage Free Cape Town
    Good heath includes mind, body and soul. It matter then, that animal derived foods are sourced from farms where animals enjoy lives worth living.
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