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Help us raise funds to support the ongoing work of Foundations for Farming, in Zimbabwe & increasingly across the world. The methods of farming that God has taught us can drastically increase food production. We are committed to training groups & individuals to faithfully use what they have been given to turn a profit & reduce poverty.

Contribute to this ongoing project to enable us to keep spreading the vision God has given us, & help to feed the nations, particularly the poor who often have no other options.

*You can choose to make a once off donation or allocate a monthly contribution.*

More about our training: We train & empower men & women, teaching them this simple farming method. The principles God has taught us are to do everything:

On Time
At a High Standard
Without Waste
With Joy

The Foundations for Farming principles can be applied in the smallest back yard garden to the largest commercial farm. On a small scale all work is manual and requires nothing more technical than a hoe.

Typically, you’ll be able to grow sufficient food to:

  • Feed your family
  • Sell surplus to help buy next year’s inputs
  • Sell and make a profit and pay for other living expenses
  • Give to others

We have testimonies of farmers who, by adopting Foundations for Farming methods, have increased their yield over tenfold i.e. 0.3 tonnes to over 3 tonnes.

Profitability is essential for sustained production and development. The only alternative to profitability for survival in the short term is begging or theft, both of which cause poverty in the long term.



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