Vision AfriKa primary school in Kayamandi is a community’s courageous and visionary response to crises. It needs your support to sustain the effort.

Three years ago, the school was established as an independent non-government school when the government schools were unable to provide for new entrants. By 2019, an estimated 800 primary school learners will be bussed from Kayamandi to other schools in the district every day.

Vision AfriKa primary school provides quality education where it is urgently needed. Independent assessments of literacy, numeracy, and other essential skills at the school rates the academic achievements of the school highly. The teaching is innovative. Parent involvement is at a high level.

On Saturday, 25 November 2017, the parent committee of Vision AfriKa primary school is hosting a gospel concert at Amazink to raise funds for the school.

We invite you to become a fundraiser to complement the fundraising programme of the parent committee. As a fundraiser, you may set up your network to raise funds and to challenge others. When you register as a fundraiser, we will inform you of all the planned activities of 2018 and enable you to propose additions and enhancements to the programme.

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