Suprise Smiles for Christmas

During the Christmas season, many children miss the chance to be happy in Uganda. Throughout the country, extreme poverty is high and even more so within orphans. These children seldom receive support from government and local infrastructure is poor, making any support available hard to distribute in rural areas.

Save Community Care Foundation is based and works intimately within communities in Kaliro District, Eastern Uganda. Through our community networks, we can help vulnerable children and orphans this Christmas.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, people in rural areas are finding it increasingly harder to survive and provide for their families. As putting food on the table is becoming more difficult, children are left to go hungry and malnutrition increases with every missed meal.

Save Community Care Foundation receives daily distress calls from relatives who are not able to provide for their families during these difficult times. In 2019, child mortality rates peaked due to the lack of support available in Uganda. With the Coronavirus pandemic at large in Uganda, we want to do all we can to stop this happening again.

That's why we need your help - will you provide meals and essentials to vulnerable children in Kaliro District this Christmas?

We want to leave a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable children within our communities. Our team are planning to distribute nourishing meals over the Christmas period, facilitate children's activities and give them a lasting memory of how Christmas should be celebrated. We will also be able to provide essential items such as mattresses, mosquito nets, soap and vaseline. Although these items are often taken for granted around the world, vulnerable children living in poverty in Uganda seldom get the chance to enjoy these luxuries.

While our team work tirelessly to support communities in Kaliro District around the year, we can't help children at Christmas without your support. By giving a child Christmas in Uganda, you won't just be keeping providing hem with a warm meal but also giving them a memory to cherish forever.

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