Support a Rhino Ambassador

Our Goals:

  • Help feed 5,000 families monthly by creating and supporting a network of homestead and community food gardens.
  • Place 100 Rhino Ambassador mentors into communities living adjacent to rhino reserves

You Can Help:
Your monthly contribution of R150 will feed a child for a month through our homestead garden system.

How it Works:

  • In a nutshell, our campaign seeks to raise 10,000 monthly contributions of R150.00 each by February 2018, to support a network of 100 to 150 Garden Mentors (Rhino Ambassadors), placed into communities.
  • Each mentor builds and supports a garden with a seedling nursery at a contact point, as well as a network of 50 to 100 homestead gardens.
  • We already have extensive experience in establishing these gardens and have built a network of more than 55 schools and 38 crèches (benefitting more than 25,000 children), as well as 5,500+ homestead and community gardens.
  • Each rhino ambassador / mentor also serves as an environmental educator, teaching communities the value of protecting our wildlife. Ambassadors provide a link between conservation agencies and communities surrounding game reserves.
  • We are developing a network contact points (schools, crèches and orphanages) in KZN based on our previous interactions and history of establishing gardens; and in association with other similarly focussed non-profit entities.

All cash donations will be used to purchase seeds, seedlings and other garden material to help our gardeners build and maintain their food gardens.