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By Deidre Smith

We are a group of students at SIS who care about the future of the rhinos. We are horrified about that many rhinos are killed illegally every year and want ...

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By Thomas Widerski

I have always looked at the Rhino as a symbol of resilient, thick skinned, knock them down and they get back up (unless you drug them and cut their horn off)...

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By Steve Newman

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By Steve Newman

Win a Lifetime ticket to Rocking the Daisies with Steve Newman Rocking the Daisies Music Festival invited me, “The NakedSkyDiver” to ride ‘Cycling the Daisi...

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By Steve Newman

Want to make IMPI Challenge about more than just the awesome obstacles? Why not run for a cause that's close to all South African hearts - our Rhinos. The te...

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By Mike Jackson

Driving 10 000 Km in 20 days starting in Cape Town South Africa. We will visit Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. The rally is from 12th - 31s...

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By MadEiNaFREEka MadEiNaFREEka

Team MadeinaFREEka is a Put Foot Rally team and will be doing their thing to Save the Rhinos! We are hoping to get "per km" sponsors for the trip to raise en...

By Peter Walters

The Lone Rangers have joined the Put Foot Rally, an 8000km trip through southern Africa, to raise awareness and funds for Project Rhino KZN as well as the SP...

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By Sole Sistas

As a result of the ever-increasing numbers of White and Black rhinos being poached in South Africa, the need to pool resources and co-ordinate activities has...

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By Peter O'Farrell

The Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa is a 2300km unsupported non-stop mountain bike race from Pietermaritzburg in KZN, over the Drakensberg, throug...

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