13thFLOOR has two performing arts companies (Reds and Blues) consisting of 40 artists each.  We travel the country presenting youth weeks aimed at teens and young adults.  Such a week stages a series of evening shows and several school performances.  A 13thFLOOR Touring Company travels countrywide visiting a community for a period of one week. 

A Touring Company stages 4 different evening shows and one Rock show per week.  We kick-start the week with a Sunday evening introductory show.  The Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday shows are packed with a variety of dance, drama, and experimental theatre and band productions.  State of the art sound and lighting equipment provide for a spectacular sensory overload!  Friday night we do a full-blown Rock Show.  At least 50 000 people pass through our doors annually.  13thFLOOR is financed through individuals who collaborate with us by supporting team members. 

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