Pay it Forward!

If you could help change the world .... would you? "Take the things of this world that you don't like and flip them upside down".

This is the very foundation of how one little boy strategically involved the world in a plan to "Pay It Forward".  The movie, released in 2000, is about how a little boy thought of a way to change the world around him by doing three favours for three people and asks them to do the same. The key was to do something that they couldn't do themselves. The results were astounding!!

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it must take a community to sustain a family. 

Join the spirit of paying it forward and donate as much as you are lead to - every contribution not matter it's value is a step closer to achieving great things.

This is your big chance to fix something; "The realm of possibility exists in each of us".

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    26 November 2017

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    12 June 2017

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    5 June 2017

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