School Year, Feeding Scheme and Outings Support

With the new year comes a new school year for the children of Happy Feet. We would like to support them during the school year with everything they need; every year. We are aiming to support all Happy Feet members with school fees, school supplies and uniforms. For the most promising members we would like to hand out scholarships to better schools outside the township and by doing that; giving these children the chance of better education. We also need to provide these children with transport.

We aim to provide a healthy filling meal every day, with an ever changing menu including e.g brown rice, lentils, vegetables and chicken and finishing off with a piece of fruit. In this way we promote healthy nutritious food that is needed for them to develop and at the same time let them have a filling meal. This instead of eating cheap junk food and candy. Our food is cooked in our soup kitchen, at the same place where Happy Feet practice every day. The food is offered to all children living in the same area as all the Happy Feet members lives (around 200 children). Our aim is to cook every day in order to bridge the hunger gap after school and the lack of nutritious food in their diets. Right now, with the help we have been getting, we have been able to cook twice a week for the children. This feeding scheme costs R2000 per day.

Additional to this we want to have the opportunity to go to different events and arrange outings and travels. In this way we shows Happy Feet the opportunities around us and it helps develop a better world-view. It also helps the children to express themselves in a positive way and to have fun!

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