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Re-introduction of Elephants

Re-introduction of Elephants

After centuries of agricultural use for cattle production, we have been in an intensive rewilding process for the past 6 years and the land is now suitable for the reintroduction of elephants.  The first stage intends to introduce the Kruger variety with the ultimate goal of reintroducing their larger cousins the Tembe elephant to create more genetic diversity.  

History of the Tembe Elephant – In the 1980s during the Mozambique civil war, the local elephants were poached relentlessly; so much so that they sought refuge in the region of Tembe, situated in the northeastern part of KwaZulu-Natal. In 1989 a proper game fence was erected to keep these giants permanently on the Tembe side and Mozambican poachers out, and the Tembe Elephant Park was born.

This effectively ceased the last free-ranging movement of elephants in South Africa but at the same time preserved a very unique group of elephants. The Tembe/Maputuland elephants are genetically unique in that they survive in the coastal forests and wetlands of Mozambique and KZN and they are the only truly indigenous elephants in KZN.

Apart from them being a separate genetic population from their Kruger and northern cousins they are also the biggest elephants in Southern Africa, both in body size and ivory.

Tembe Elephant Park is, however, a relatively small area, with elephant numbers climbing well over recent decades; there is now a unique opportunity to relocate some of these animals to other game reserves. This is an exciting opportunity to strengthen existing elephant genetics, expanding this great genetic line to other areas.

To bring the elephants to the reserve, we require support in the form of:

– Elephant Management Plan Cost: R80 000 / USD 6 000 
– Capture cost for 4 bulls: R286 000 / USD 21 000
– Tracking Collars: R50 000 / USD 3 700
Transport cost to Ven Africa Private Reserve:
– Airfreight: R25 000 / USD 1 850 
– Helicopter services: R57 000 / USD 4 200 

Our goal is to raise: R500 000 / USD 36 750

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