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 Rangeland Expansion: Game Fence Upgrade and Electrification

CIVA is facilitating an agreement between Ven-Africa Private Game Reserve and neighboring landowners to drop the boundary fenceline. This will initially create over 12 000 hectares of wilderness with plans for further expansion adding thousands of hectares more. There is much work required to affect the rangeland expansion project. 

Fencing is a commonly used tool in wildlife conservation and management in South Africa. Game Fence upgrade, electrification, and maintenance are extremely important in protecting the environment, flora and fauna of the area as well as its people.

Electrified fencing has several advantages which include the control of wildlife, limits the entry of poachers and thus decreases animal losses, allows for the ability to utilize the habitat, and conserve wildlife in human-dominated landscapes with the use of adaptive management principles, and acts as a tool in disease control. Fencing also reduces human-wildlife conflict and assists in protecting wildlife from illegal hunting. Lastly, fencing is important in the allocation of ownership of the protected area and user-rights of the wildlife and land in a sustainable manner. 

There are several negative effects of having inadequate fencing:
· Mortality of animals due to entanglement
· Disease spread is faster and more devastating
· Loss and decline in animal population
· Increase in Human-wildlife conflict which results in mortality of animals mostly
· Increase of illegal hunting and poaching activity increases

The current fencing does not meet the requirements to hold 'The Big 5', which is the direction in which we would like to head. The game fence surrounding Ven-Africa (currently not Big Five) must be strengthened and electrified to specified standards. This will protect the people and livestock of the neighboring community from predators, as well as keep wildlife within the reserve sanctuary.

The Game Fence Upgrade and Electrification project is already underway, with 8 km upgraded and electrified. A further 22km of fence line remains. 

We require additional support in the form of:
– Purchase of fencing material, including solar stations – valued at R455 000 / USD 33 700 
– Labour costs – valued at R90 000 / USD 6 670

Our goal is to raise: R545 000 / USD 40 370

We ask for support in protecting this beautiful pristine land, as well as achieve our conservation objectives and goals. In aiding this project, it will help pave the way for the other projects to commence. These projects being the Re-introduction of Tembe Elephants, Updating the Anti-poaching Unit, and The Zulu Community Water Project.

We need your help to make a difference.
Help us make a difference today by donating to a good cause that will help preserve, protect and maintain the land for tomorrow.

"We see ourselves not as owners but rather as stewards of a unique and wild habitat. Our heritage and legacy remain to preserve and respect this environment for future generations.”
– Samuel Maldonado, grandson of the founder Ivan Dario

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  1. Conor Dearden

    22 March 2021

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