The Highveld Horse Care Unit is a registered Non-Profit Organisation that was established in 1991 and specializes in the welfare of all equines.

We address all aspects of equine welfare, including the well-being of the working horse and donkey in townships and rural areas in five Provinces in South Africa. We have a team of 7 people who work solely in this area – our ‘Township Team’.

They assist over 4000 working horses and donkeys through the following activities:

  • Equine Clinics – wound treatments, vaccination, deworming.
  • Owner Education – basic equine welfare, harness-making, basic farriery.
  • Community Training – training certain members of the communities in which we work to be our ‘eyes and ears’ through providing skills training in identifying and assisting horse owners with problems with their working horse.
  • Government Worker Training – providing equine knowledge to trainee Animal Health Technicians and newly qualified Government Veterinarians in various Provinces.

One of the problems we are experiencing is the lack of facilities at our base in Meyerton, Gauteng, for the medical treatment of working equines which are too seriously injured or ill to be assisted on site.

We desperately need to build a block of at least 10 stables where we can keep these animals safely, give them specialized treatment, and even isolate them if necessary.

We do not have the funds to build, and we seek a sponsor for this project which is estimated R350 000 to build.

We please ask you to help us raise funds to make this possible.

Thank you.



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    10 February

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    16 January

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    10 January

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