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  1. We calculate the average cost to place Bibles in our churches at R150 ZAR per Bible.Often people say: “surely it costs less than that to print or buy a Bible.” They are right. It costs Bibles for Believers no more or no less than any other organization. However, we want to be up-front about all the costs involved in placing a Bible into a believer’s hands.When you buy a newspaper, you don’t expect to pay only for the ink and the...


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  1. Outreaches and Bible Placements
    Enrol Now! Click here for the Registration Form.. Harvesters International Ministries (HIM) and Bibles for Believers (B4B) invite you to join us in one of our various outreaches.  ...
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  2. 3. Train a new pastor and plant three churches @ R1,200
    An entire 3 year training program costs R1,200 ZAR. We provide a 3 year pastoral training programme consisting of six semesters or ‘Phases’.Training for local pastors takes ...
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  3. Competing for a Purpose (Argus; Comrades; Two Oceans; Midmar)
    Bibles for Believers is seeking marathon runners, cyclists, rowers and other sportsmen and women to help raise funds for Bibles. In previous years various athletes ran the Comrades...
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