Our aim is to ensure that, in relation to the development of natural resources and the protection of heritage resources, due deference is paid to the tenets of the South African Constitution, in particular, the environmental right enshrined therein.  Thus, we aim further to take such legal steps as are necessary to protect South Africa's unique heritage resources and to ensure the establishment of an environment that is not harmful to the health of South Africans and which is protected for the benefit of present and future generations.

TKAG has the expense of developing and maintaining a legal readiness to respond. The specific activities cannot be canvassed outside of a small strategic group for obvious reasons. It is trite to say that the expenses are substantial and unavoidable if TKAG is going to represent the interests of affected South Africans.

Our legal campaign is the most demanding expense and we need your support. On average, our legal costs for one month range between R75 000 and R80 000.  The legal path we will need to walk will take a matter of years and will require much needed financial support.

If and when our legal documents become part of public record, then the full and detailed bills relating to legal action will be available for persusal as a download on our website.



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