Children that deserves our support in 2017

Thank you for choosing to support a KMF Scholar.

To make your contribution, please click on the Donate Now button on this page. Select your amount, the frequency of your contribution (monthly or once-off) and select GiftAid It! if you so wish.

Only with the dedicated support of you and the people you know are we able to continue providing deserving children with a quality education. Please consider forwarding this page to friends, colleagues and family? We can only achieve this goal of sustainable change with the assistance of ordinary people around the world who are willing to do the extraordinary – through a conscious decision to make a difference with their contribution.

Your contribution does not only give a child an education, it also:

  • Immediately changes the lives of a talented child and his/her family;
  • Helps this child to get a quality education and to become successful, taking this child out of the poverty cycle;
  • This child takes his / her family out of poverty;
  • The child can study after school, is employable and contributes towards the economy;·
  • Reduce the crime rate by reducing unemployment;
  • Builds young people with integrity, understanding that you need to work hard for your own future;
  • Builds ethical leaders for our country’s future, able and ready to give back to others less fortunate than themselves; and
  • Creating a better world for all.

Should you need more information about the Kay Mason Foundation, or want to contribute in a different manner, please contact us at

We Can Build Their Dreams Together.



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    Natasha Dyer

    £1,850 raised

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    Stephen Walker

    £1,315 raised

2 Fundraiser projects


  1. Eva Dimitriadis

    27 November 2017

  2. Anonymous donation

    24 October 2017

  3. Richard Finlay

    23 October 2017

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Fundraiser projects

2 Fundraiser projects

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65.75% Completed
£1,315 raised
£2,000 Target

Swimming Robben Island

By Natasha Dyer

I am attempting to swim from Robben Island to mainland Cape Town. The water is very cold, and the...

92.5% Completed
£1,850 raised
£2,000 Target