Sponsor A Child

Change a child’s world today through our sponsorship programme

There are some factors in a child’s live that we cannot change, such as poverty, poor living conditions and substance abuse within the family arena, but where we can make a significant difference is to ensure that each and every child that enters one of the Pebbles supported crèches or after school clubs receives the right care and attention in order for them to reach their fullest potential despite their external circumstances.

Your contribution goes into a collective account and is allocated for ECD centre fees, health and wellness services, special needs learning support, key educational resources as well as admin costs. Your generous contribution is not only used to support your child but extends to other needy children within the community.

In return you will receive information via email on your sponsored child and news from their crèche or club, updates every six months with lots of photographs and the knowledge that you are helping a child to flourish and grow in a safe environment.

We have a large number of children that are on our waiting list for sponsorship – so please get in touch. It only costs £15 per month or £180 for the year.



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    13 June 2019

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    24 May 2019

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    13 May 2019

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