Sponsor a School Pack

Each year we provide a school pack for every child leaving one of the Pebbles supported ECD centers for grade R. We also provide a school pack for those attending grade 8 and grade 12. A school pack is made up of a school bag, school uniform, shoes and socks as well as a stationery set.

You can sponsor a school pack for just R250 or £20 - in return you will receive an email with a photograph of the child that received your school pack at the end of the year.

This is a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift and if you supply us with the contact details of the person you are buying the pack on behalf of we will send thanks and a photograph to them - letting them know who made the donation.



  1. Manfred Halblaub

    22 May

  2. Johan Prinsloo

    8 May

  3. Michael Digby

    10 April

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