The South African education system offers world class education for those who can afford it. Those without financial resources are most often families from previously disadvantage backgrounds (pre-democracy).   These families are forced to send their children to free high schools with devastatingly low performance and high drop out rates.  

SAILI identifies talented students without the financial means to access successful schools. We place these learners in good high schools and support them by paying fees, contributing to uniform, stationery and text books.  Psycho-social support is offered through career guidance, study skills and educational outings.

SAILI is particularly interested in building the maths and science capacity of our young people and increasing the pool of potential employees in scarce skills industries such as engineering, technology and science.   Maths excellence is the key indicator in selecting our students.

For approximately R20 000 per year we can give  students access to education that their family would not otherwise be able to afford. It is our intention that they  will be able to go on to A university education and a well paid career that will help break the cycle of poverty for their families.

23 of our 26 2020 Grade 8 students are still looking for sponsors.  Donations are tax deductible within South Africa.

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