Our mission is to care for and protect children, empower and preserve families and mobilize our community.

We are running the following activities for orphans and vulnerable children:

1.Paediatric HIV clinic - In partnership with the local Provincial clinic as well as other partners we provide a paediatric HIV clinic service to some 500 local children.
2. Learner Education Support- Through this Centre we also have Child development & education initiatives, especially as most of our children & teens require special help including remedial teaching, lifeskills, psychosocial support.

We provide the following services for other community members:

1. Youth Development - Lifeskills activities for teenagers , leadership sessions as well as linking young people to economic opportunities

2. Community Resource Centre - The aim of the centre is to provide beneficiaries such as teens, families and community based organisations with more opportunities thus building more capacity and empowering them. We are serving an average of 3000 per year in this centre.

3. Strengthening families - Providing social work support to families, access to grants, short term food relief, advice and referrals, for 240 families each year to help them stay together and find long-term solutions.

Please visit our website to find out about our work:

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