Southern Africa’s vulture populations are in serious decline. Of the five Savannah species found in Zululand, all are classified as either endangered or critically endangered. Current trends suggest that all breeding pairs of Lappet-faced and White-headed vultures will be locally extinct within the next few years.


To aid in halting this decline, Wildlife ACT has teamed up with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and the Endangered Wildlife Trust to create the Annual Vulture Tagging Project in Zululand. The project endeavours to capture vultures throughout Zululand to attach identification tags and rings as well as collect important biological data. The identification tags and rings allow us to track vulture movements when the public report sightings. In addition to this, some vultures are fitted with high-tech GPS backpacks in order the gather more detailed data about their movement patterns.


Aside from much-needed donor support, you can help this cause by reporting tagged vulture sightings. If you see a tagged vulture in Southern Africa, please record the identification number and species (if possible) along with the GPS (or physical) location. If you can, snap a photograph of the animal with the ID tag displayed. This information can be passed onto or The more information we are able to accrue, the better equipped we will be able to understand the status of our vulture populations and improve our monitoring of this critically important species.

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