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A little snapshot of what a monitoring session on Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park entails. Every session is unique and often filled with special moments and sightings.

We have set up exclusive WhatsApp groups for each of our projects. These groups are providing our supporters with updates from our field monitors as they go about their work. We are offering access to these groups to those who donate USD $10 or more per month towards our #KeepWildlifeACTive campaign. $10 for 1 group, $20 for 2 groups, $30 for 3 groups etc. This is our way of saying thank you to our donors, and allowing our supporters to become virtual volunteers during lockdown.

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Thanks again to everyone who is helping to Keep Wildlife ACTive during this difficult time! We depend on this support to conduct vitally important endangered and priority wildlife species conservation work, and anti-poaching initiatives. Due to the current global travel restrictions and local shutdown, a number of our conservation projects in Zululand are now under threat of closing.

However, with your continued support as virtual volunteers, we can keep these projects open and continue our vital work. We are HUGELY grateful for the kindness you have all already shown.

Thank You.
The Wildlife ACT Team


240 Wild Dog Collars Fitted to Date

The daily monitoring of endangered species plays an important role in ensuring their survival in the wild. It helps us to continuously assess their condition and report on it timeously, to allow informed management decisions and effective action to be taken when needed. This is particularly vital when an animal is caught in a snare and immediate action is needed to free the animal. However, it is always best to anticipate and attempt to prevent such situations.

Wildlife ACT has developed anti-snare plates that are fitted onto the sides of collars, mostly Wild Dog collars such as in this photo. These plates are fitted on with pop rivets where a snare might hook onto, and can prevent a snare from pulling tightly around the animal’s neck. These plates may also provide the animal with enough time to struggle and break free from a snare before they are asphyxiated.

To date, Wildlife ACT has helped collar over 240 Wild Dogs, and through intensive monitoring, treat over 140 individuals from snaring and other injuries.



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