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The Wildlife ACT Fund is a not for profit trust that focuses on the following key conservation elements in South Africa:

  • Finding and funding the right equipment needed to effectively monitor endangered and threatened species.
  • Delivering time and expertise to provide adequate management, capture, transport and reintroduction of these animals to new areas.
  • Implementing anti-poaching measures and technology in the field.
  • Helping rural communities who live alongside protected wildlife areas to develop a love and respect for nature, provide them with reasons to protect it, and advance economic empowerment.

Equipment Needed For Effective Endangered Species Conservation

  • Vulture GPS Backpacks: R1 000 each
  • Vulture SAT Backpacks: R3 000 each
  • Transmitters: R7 000 each
  • Rhino GPS Collars: R20 000 each
  • Standard VHF Anti-snare Collar: R9 000
  • GPS Satellite Collar: R35 000 each
  • SAT Collar data download: R600 per month
  • Vet cost: R8 000 per day
  • Chopper cost: R7 700 per hour
  • Telemetry Set: R22 000 per set + R300 per cable + R2 000 per antenna

Help us build a future where all people live in harmony with nature.


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Fundraiser projects

10 Fundraiser projects

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€5,000 Target

Save the Elephants, Lularoe Style!

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