Covid-19 has negatively impacted our ability to track wildlife daily. Tracking collars are even more important during these times as we currently have fewer monitors out in the field. Please help us to continue monitoring our endangered and priority wildlife species by donating towards the purchase of new tracking collars.

There are an estimated 550 African Wild Dogs (also known as African Painted Wolves) left in South Africa, and a meager 3 500 in the whole of Africa.

Wildlife ACT needs your help:

  • We have helped to develop anti-snare tracking collars. These collars not only help monitors find individual animals on a daily basis, but also gives a dog trapped in a snare put out by poachers a fighting chance of survival.
  • These specially reinforced and riveted collars can prevent the animal from choking to death, and also send out an emergency signal once a dog is stationary for an unnatural amount of time, giving monitors and rangers time to respond to an emergency. This means that a collar can literally save an animal's life!

Help us collar every African Painted Dog Pack in South Africa

The breakdown below covers 2 years of support for one wild dog pack. Costs such as daily monitoring & research, field work and other administrative costs are covered by Wildlife ACT. Every contribution helps to save these beautiful animals.

  • VHF Anti-snare Collars = R10 000 (2 per pack required)
  • GSM Collar = R20 000 (1 per pack)
  • GPS Satellite Collar = R50 000 (1 per pack)
  • Emergency Response Support = R50 000

If you or your company would like to sponsor a Wild Dog pack, please get in touch by emailing

For more information on the work we do with endangered wildlife, visit or visit our Facebook page.

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14 Fundraiser projects

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