The NZG's Adopt-a-Wild-Child programme is all about allowing our supporters the chance to reconnect with nature. You are afforded the opportunity of "adopting" an animal, while we'll feed and clean-up after it on your behalf. By adopting an animal you become a part of the NZG family.

You can adopt an individual animal and get to know them, along with their keepers and curators.  Adopt-a-Wild-Child enables you, the adoptive parent of following the progress of your animal through visitations to the zoo. If you would like to adopt a Wild Child please email us on or alternative if you would prefer you may always make a donate towards the upkeep of our animal collection.



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2 Fundraiser projects

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Otherwise known as a Red Panda, the 'Firefox'is in fact a living creature. A cute one it turns ou...

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Adopt a Wild Child!

By Red Panda

Adopt a Wild Child is all about getting to know your fellow creatures. Adopt and you will be a p...

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