Unite Against Poaching - SANParks Honorary Rangers NEC

In the heart of the South African bush, poachers are waging war on our national pride and raping our natural heritage. Gangs of armed insurgents butcher our hapless wild animals.

Attacking under cover of darkness with weapons of war, they kill, drug or maim our precious rhinos, hacking off their horns with callous disregard and utmost savagery. Some leave wire snares in place which will strangle or maim any animal it captures.

We need your help to stop the slaughter.

We are raising funds to equip our field rangers and dedicated counter poaching teams with the necessary equipment to stop these poachers. 100% of the money you donate will be used to buy equipment such as night vision equipment, back packs, radio equipment, binoculars, tents and GPS receivers.

Donate now and help stop the slaughter. Click on "Donate now".

For more information on the SANParks Honorary Rangers, visit us at www.sanparksvolunteers.org



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