The Wild Dog is the most endangered carnivore in Southern Africa. The biggest threat to dogs in Kruger National Park is snares and exposure to humans and their pets! 

Wild dogs are prone to snaring as they hunt over huge distances, chasing their prey down.  During these hunts, an entire pack of dogs can move through a snare line set up by poachers and often multiple dogs are captured.  Here they can die a terrible death.

Because the dogs roam over huge distances, they regularly enter areas where there are neighbouring communities. Recently we lost an entire pack of dogs due to canine distemper, a disease carried by domestic dogs. The loss of one pack is a tragedy but is nothing compared to the potential loss of the entire population of wild dogs in Kruger.

To prevent such a nightmare scenario Kruger National Park has started a project to monitor and protect the KNP dog population.

We need funding to fit satellite collars, monitor the dogs and provide veterinary support when needed.  We also need funding to run snare removal programs in high-risk areas. 

You can assist the Magalies region of the SANParks Honorary Rangers in this effort by donating to help fund the costs involved.

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