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  1. In the heart of the South African bush, poachers are waging war on our national pride and raping our natural heritage.  Gangs of armed insurgents butcher our hapless wild animals. Attacking under cover of darkness with weapons of war, they kill, drug or maim our precious rhinos, hacking off their horns with callous disregard and utmost savagery. Some leave wire snares in place which will strangle or maim any animal it...


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  1. STAR Anti-poaching VHR
    Save The African Rhino (STAR). A fundraising initiative run by family-owned Kilalo day spa.
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  2. Unite Against Poaching
    South Africans and the world unite to stop the poaching scourge which is busy destroying our natural heritage.  Support South African National Parks in the war against poaching! &n...
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  3. VIR - Virtual Region
    Support the activities of the SANParks Honorary Rangers: Virtual Region.   Make donations and payments to our activities here!   Visit us at www.sanparkshr.org
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Activist projects

Our Horn is NOT Medicine

This campaigns goal is to educate the public on the plight of the Rhino, and to raise funds for the SANParks Cou...

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SANParks Honorary Rangers

We need to work and keep all gods creatures safe!

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Jagters vir Renosters

Ek daag alle jagters in Suid Afrika om elkeen R200 per maand vir een jaar te skenk ten einde die ere veldwagters...

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R240,000 Target
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