AfriOceans Conservation Alliance rents a unique premises, below the restaurant at Seaforth beach, Simonstown which we are in danger of losing due to a shortage of funding.

We desperately need R 40 000 to cover our rental until we have our exciting responsible tourism products up and running going into the Summer season that we believe will provide a sustainable income stream to help fund our many conservation actions and campaigns. We really need your help in reaching this goal. We are looking for Individual and Corporate Sponsors who each kindly donate a once off donation towards keeping our doors open. If you would like to sign up as an Activist, you can create a Fundraising event to support #KeeptheDoorsOpen

The AfriOceans Education Centre provides much needed information and interpretation to school learners from schools across CapeTown, visitors and international tourists which assists in highlighting issues around the conservation, protection and survival of our South African Sharks, the endangered African Penguins and our Oceans. We consider the kelp forest on our doorstep as our Kelp Forest Classroom and we continue to host senior biology students who use our Centre as a base for their practical field studies.

Our premises is a key base for our organisation’s work and we really need help in keeping it!


Who is AfriOceans?

AfriOceans Conservation Alliance (AfriOceans) was formed in 2003 and is based in Fish Hoek with its Centre in Simonstown, South Africa. It is a registered Non-Profit organisation, a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with SARS and a 18 A Tax Exempt organisation, which means that donations to AfriOceans are tax deductible.

AfriOceans has an outstanding track record and has been at the forefront of innovative research, educational, awareness and lobbying (REAL) conservation initiatives focused on shark and ocean conservation. Furthermore, it was previously awarded 98.07 % Black Beneficiary Base and 100% BB BEE recognition.

As an organisation founded on diving caring for our oceans, AfriOceans is well placed to continue to make a significant contribution by:

*Establishing and running of the AfriOceans Education Centre at Seaforth Beach, a pilot Blue Flag beach.
*Tapping into the ecotourism potential of Seaforth through our *Responsible Tourism products.
*Providing excellent education & awareness around the survival of our white sharks, the African Penguins and our kelp forests
*Continue to educate about Sharks & Oceans and #TakingAction
*Expose children and adults to the wonders of the kelp forest through our Transformative experiences in Nature

What do we do?

AfriOceans prides itself in doing REAL Conservation. We are well known for our unique campaign work, exciting research projects and education and awareness initiatives, and our role in being prepared to speak out for those who cannot. We have achieved considerable success during a very short space of time and considered leaders of shark conservation in South Africa.

In 2009 AfriOceans initiated one of the largest ocean focused environmental education programmes in the country, the AfriOceans Warriors. It was funded by the National Lottery Board of South Africa for three years, ending June 2015. During this time we successfully reached 300 primary and high school learners weekly from 16 South Peninsula schools. Each school formed a ‘tribe’ (club) made up of up to 25 learners, which our facilitators saw once a week, teaching them the importance of conserving the oceans through interactive and proactive ways, including many outdoor activities to ensure learning was fun. Over the period of the Programme we successfully reached up to 104 000 people, including more than 37 000 school going learners, and we created 16 Blue Schools in 4 nodes.

Our CEO is Lesley Rochat

Founder & CEO of AfriOceans, Lesley Rochat is also known as the Shark Warrior. She is an internationally recognized marine and shark conservationist, award winning filmmaker, author, and photographer whom the press has nicknamed the Shark Warrior. Lesley has won many international awards including the South African Johnnie Walker Sunday Times Nation’s Greatest Award, and has been nominated twice for Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards. Passionate about the cause she represents, it is Lesley’s aim to mentor the youth, and recruit an army of warriors, i.e. young heroes who will help win the battle against shark slaughter and ocean degradation.

Against this background comes the evolution of the AfriOceans Education Centre, which will play a critical part in spreading our message of care and protection for one of most iconic yet endangered marine species, the African Penguin.

Perfectly positioned to help endangered Sharks & African Penguins & Educate the youth

AfriOceans, with our extensive track record in delivering world class environmental awareness & education programmes for a wide range of audiences, is perfectly positioned to provide a much needed service to visitors and school learners in educating them about the perils facing these endangered birds, our sharks & Oceans and what they can do to help. We have already partnered with the City of Cape Town in keeping the beach clean and monitoring visitor behavior.


*Create and run a world class AfriOceans Education centre .
*It will strive to create its own sustainable funding through responsible tourism initiatives like sea kayaking, snorkeling and stand up paddle boarding.
*Conduct interactive education, interpretation and awareness about African Penguins, Sharks, Rocky Shores and Kelp Forests for schools, local and international visitors to Seaforth beach
*Help to ensure the survival of the endangered African Penguin in False Bay through our unique and innovative education, interpretation, research and conservation actions.
*Assist in highlighting the critical issues facing African Penguins, Sharks and the Oceans through articles, blogs, website, social media, film and photography.
*Continue to run our highly successful Swim like a Shark programme at Seaforth, teaching disadvantaged learners how to swim and snorkel.


What we need to realize our objectives?

Funding is always an obstacle when creating projects and whilst AfriOceans does have the premises, the location, the staff we desperately need help with funding the monthly rental of the overall AfriOceans Education Centre. Without your donation, the Centre will close.

How much will it cost?

We desperately need to raise R 40 000 to keep renting our premises. We really need your help in reaching this goal. We are looking for Sponsors who each kindly donate towards keeping our doors open.#KeeptheDoorsOpen

When do you we need it?

By the end of October 2016.

What benefits are there for sponsors?

The benefits for the sponsors are:

Redeemable Vouchers for one of our Shark Warrior Adventures
Being associated and linked to an innovative Education & Awareness organisation like AfriOceans that is sure to catch the public’s imagination
Naming right available for one lead sponsor for annual renewable rights
All sponsors will be displayed on a plaque inside the Centre.
Brand exposure through Face Book, Twitter and Instagram
Physical Brand recognition through signage and branding.

How can you help #KeeptheDoorsOpen?

Make a SECURE DONATION TODAY RIGHT HERE! It will be the best donation you could ever make. If you can't support us, please share this widely on your social media

The AfriOceans Education Centre is an innovative, unique indoor and outdoor facility that has an African Penguin colony literally on our doorstep. Whilst our primary aim is educating the youth about our Oceans through our Schools programme, there is a definite need to provide correct information about these endangered African Penguins and how visitors should behave around them. We are about to launch some exciting responsible tourism products for summer which will help to support our work.

It's crazy to think that as Sharks, Penguins, the Ocean and the Environment have become mainstream issues, the support for organisation's like ours has diminished.
And that is why we are asking for your help Today. We would greatly appreciate your financial support in order to help #KeeptheDoorsOpen

Many Thanks and Gratitud

For our Oceans

Terry Corr

Head of Education

AfriOceans Conservation Alliance.

Email: terry@aoca.org.za.

Website: www.aoca.org.za

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