Hesketh King Treatment Centre offers Rehabilitation Care and Support as one of the Social Programmes of The Salvation Army. The aim of rehabilitation care and support programs is to enable clients to have a safe environment to work through issues, to engage in rehabilitation programs, and to support clients and their families to overcome addiction and abuse in a practical way.

We offer two structured programme
  1. Youth Programme – this caters for ages 16 to 20 year old males. This programme is fully subsidised by Social Development for 80 patients annually – this is an 7 week residential programme.
  2. Adult Programme - this caters for 120 adult men (ages 21 to 75 years) annually who are chronically addicted to alcohol and drugs - this is a 12 week residential programme. 40 of these beds are government subsidized.

We all know that substance abuse is the major underlying cause of all crime, violence, abuse, etc. Lives are destroyed, every day we here heart sore stories of lives that have reached rock bottom - who have lost everything, even their dignity - as a result of substance abuse. Cape Town is considered by as the TIK capital of the world.

We shudder to think what will become of society if this epidemic is not controlled - the epidemic of alcohol and drug abuse.

We know that one life has a ripple effect on homes and communities - studies show that 16 persons are directly affected by one life not to talk about the ripple effect that those 16 lives have in their lives and communities- one life is able to destroy but it is also able to influence.

We believe in “making a difference - one life at a time”. When one person’s life is changed - when one man once again becomes a father (a cruel, absent father becomes a father that cares for, supports and builds up his children) a husband and a positive influence in his community - that’s when change starts to take place and it has a ripple effect into our communities. The police and government can only do so much, but unless a heart change takes place, not much will change.

“Making a difference - one life at a time” by God’s grace and in His strength, we are making a difference. We are seeing life change. Miracles still happen when we allow God in control. We are blessed to be in this ministry.

We only wish that we could do more. We have people on our waiting list that want help but cannot afford it. At present we have 40 beds available.

We are looking for anyone who would like to partner with us in this ministry.

You can partner with us in one of two ways:
  1. Through your prayers - we have many challenges ... but by God’s grace and through His strength we share in many victories.
  2. By making more beds available for people to receive help. You can either “Sponsor a Bed” - R21 500 or contribute towards a bed. You can do this as a once off donation or a stop order of R20 - R50 - R100 per month.

Invest in a life: “Making a difference - one life at a time”



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