Apricot Tree Centre is an NPO in Benoni that provides stimulation and development for children and young adults (ages 3 - 25 years) with multiple disabilities.

We need your Help! COVID-19 will NOT beat us; our special needs families have been through it all. This virus does not scare them but what is scary for our families is the fear  that the Apricot Tree Centre can no longer be the place where they receive support and their children are so dearly loved, nurtured and accepted.

Take a moment and think about what this Lockdown has meant for you and your family? It may be a positive or negative experience. Many families find themselves without a job or they have used this time to reconnect with their family and this has been what they have needed and that is to find a new perspective on life.

For our families it has possibly been one of the toughest situations to be in. If you have had a child you know the emotions you experience when your child is a toddler and they can't express themselves; you are toilet training; trying new foods with them; teaching them new words and asking yourself am I doing enough? I feel bad because I have been working all day and haven't been able to assist with their learning; I didn't follow the visual schedule we set out; I got so mad because my child continues to ask to go to the park or see their grandparents as part of their usual routine and they just don't understand that this is not possible. Our parents experience this developmental stage for an extended period of time.

This time has also forced many to consider the possibility that they may need to consider the fact they may fall ill and what will happen to their children? Our families are considering what this means for their 18 or 25 year old toddlers.

The Apricot Tree Centre would like nothing more than to continue providing a place (family unit) where our superhero families know that no matter what their children will continue being nurtured and they have hope of a future with us by their side. The only way we can continue this is with the support and assistance of our community.



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    10 October 2020

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    24 July 2020

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    24 July 2020

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