Welcome to Crown Financial Ministries, Malawi

Based in Chigumula in Southern Malawi, we seek to impart knowledge and skills that will help the people of Malawi rise up from poverty and live the lives that God has designed for them to live! Along with formal training in business skills, financial management, farming and ICT, we ensure that everything we do is in relation to God through Jesus Christ.

We have various ongoing projects from Training Malawian Entrepreneurs in the Crown Stewardship School to various Business enterprises, for example:

  • Producing 26 + Metric Ton of Honey
  • Producing Indigenous Cheese from Malawian milk producers
  • Producing Moringa powered capsules to boost immune system

There are so many opportunities for you to help and make a eternal difference in the lives of precious Malawians.  Get involved and help us!

Follow us on Facebook and come back to learn more about the exciting future that God is creating here in the warm heart of Africa.

For more information visit us at crownmalawi.org

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