The GivenGain Foundation, based in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, provides international non-profit organizations and their donors with a donation processing platform that is efficient, reliable, and highly transparent. The platform encourages donors and organizations to network and partner effectively, and implements the highest standards for regulatory oversight.

The GivenGain Foundation is seeking to mobilize partners from civil society and the private sector in order to achieve its strategic goals and program objectives concerning non-profit growth and global philanthropy and promoting the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to support non-profit projects.

We are experiencing a global associational revolution, and there is a worldwide search on for new models to effectively manage non-profit organisations. Non-profit organizations in today’s environment are faced with a variety of challenges that can complicate the pursuit of the organization’s mission. Rapid communications, access to reliable, up-to-date information, platforms for training, and identification of funding sources are but a few of the current applications for technology infrastructure and services in the non-profit environment. In particular, the Internet has revolutionized the way business is conducted worldwide, both in the corporate world and the non-profit world.

Ultimately, non-profit organizations with staff possessing the skills to maximize utilization of available technology are expected to be most successful in their efforts to advance the mission of their organization.

Our first member of the International GivenGain Foundations Network was the GivenGain Foundation South Africa (GGFSA).

It is foreseen that the implementation of a donation processing and capacity building program in South Africa will demonstrate to the global non-profit community the importance of South Africa as an enabler of non-profit growth. We envision three distinct phases for the Program, with the most crucial listed first.

Phase 1 (2009/2010)
Establish a processing facility for the GivenGain Foundation (Switzerland) in South Africa to enable South African non-profit organizations and donors to cost-effectively support and grow grass-roots projects. This will result in:

  • More cost-effective giving options for South African donors (debit-order based ZAR transactions utilizing the GivenGain Foundation’s proven technology);
  • More efficient (and cost-effective) transfers of international donations to South African projects.

Phase 2 (Ongoing)
Empower GGSA with the know-how, skills, technology and services to train and support South African organizations .This will enable GGSA to:

  • Provide training, support and capacity building services to local non-profit organizations;
  • Build a sustainable source of income to fund its local non-profit organizations;
  • Position itself as a leading provider of non-profit training and support services in the local non-profit sector.

Phase 3 (Ongoing)
Provide South African based non-profit organizations with the necessary tools, training and other services required to effectively utilize ICT’s to achieve their individual project goals. This will enable local organizations to:

  • Connect with a local and global community of donors;
  • Run a better operation;
  • Increase revenue;
  • Build and manage meaningful and lasting relationships with donors;
  • Win sustainable support for the ideas in which they believe.

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