Join in and become part of creating a world where disabled people are included!

In 2016 two Chaeli Riders participated in the Comrades Marathon in wheelchairs, making Comrades history. In 2017 six Chaeli Rider superheroes fundraised in the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour. Join in and fundraise for a more accommodating and inclusive society.

The word "Chaeli" comes from the ability activist, Chaeli Mycroft, a young lady with cerebral palsy who began The Chaeli Campaign in 2004 with her sister and three friends (aged between 6 and 12). Their vision was a world where the minds and bodies of children with disabilities would be mobilised and society normalised for disability through advocacy, education programmes and events. Lofty goals for young children, but not impossible for 5 lifelong friends working as a team.

The Chaeli Campaign has grown and today benefits hundreds of children by ensuring that inclusion changes everything for the life of one disabled child at a time. And Chaeli continues her ability activism with a string of achievements that inspire both the disabled and fully able!

All funds raised for The Chaeli Campaign ensure that inclusion continues to change everything for small children, including to:

- Promote and provide the mobility and educational needs of disabled children under the age of eighteen years, throughout South Africa;
- Use it's facilities and resources to assist the disabled community in any way it sees fit;
- Work in collaboration with other organisations for the advancement of the disabled community;
- Act as facilitator to other centres/organisations/communities in Africa.

If 5 children can start creating change, then anything is possible.

You can do something epic to raise money towards a more accommodating and inclusive society! Just click on the "Start fundraising" button on the right.

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