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300 in 30

We are aiming to get 300 people to sign up, in 30 days, to donate R100.00 / $10.00 / £10.00 / €10.00 per month towards this NPO in order for us to continue supporting disabled children, their families and their communities. 
* Please remember to select 'Monthly' under your payment amount.

2020 has been a year for re-evaluating each one of our lives. To adapt to the current pandemic, to make tough decisions for ourselves and our families, to learn patience during lockdown and learning to live with restrictions and under strict rules. 2020 has pushed us out of our comfort zones and into a world we never imagined. Our normal day-to-day activities became so restricted and we have had to become flexible to a new way of living. More and more articles have popped up on mental health and how to manage stress and anxiety during this time. We have had to adapt mentally and physically to the new World.

Have you taken the time to sit back and really think about the effects that this new and altered World has had on you? How much you have had to adapt? How different things have been compared to your day-to-day life before Covid-19 hit? How difficult it has been to adapt and cope during this difficult time?

In South Africa, there are over 3 million people with disabilities who had been living with restrictions before the pandemic even hit the World. It took a pandemic of this scale for non-disabled individuals to realise the difficulties of a life with restrictions, and are still able to do every-day activities, just under certain rules and regulations. It is probably now, more than ever before, that non-disabled individuals are able to see how easy their day-to-day was, how much they took for granted in terms of small things like walking around the block or getting a manicure. And this is the exact purpose behind this campaign – to highlight these day-to-day activities that are as easy for non-disabled people as sending an emoji via WhatsApp. Its second nature. And so often these activities are taken for granted.

By highlighting these activities, we are bringing to life what has been taken for granted. Through this, we will be highlighting the 3 million+ differently-abled individuals in our country who might not be able to perform these activities – be it as easily, or at all.

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