Bhabhisana Baby Project

The Bhabhisana Baby Project supports babies and their
families during the stressful time when the baby is identified with a possible
developmental delay or a disability. Often these babies and their
families have to wait months for their first therapy appointment at their local
clinic and we aim to bridge the gap during this waiting period for these

Our project provides multi-disciplinary therapy
(physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy) for
babies between the ages of 0-2 years and parent training and empowerment.
We provide a “one-stop shop” as we see the baby as a therapy team. We
support these babies and their families until they have been integrated into
their local health system.

We have seen how early intervention and support during this
crucial time can change the quality of life for both the baby and their family.

Your donations to this project will help us to
continue providing this valuable service to these vulnerable babies and their

human services


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    30 March

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    13 July 2017

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