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  1. #domore and become a Chaeli Rider in the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2017. The funds raised for the Cycle Tour will be used in supporting the programmes run by The Chaeli Campaign. Please use your name and the sponsor list number of the cyclist you are supporting as a reference when making your donation. Thank you for your support!

    human services

    R51,717 raised
    6 Activist projects
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  1. General Donations
    Use this section to make a general donation to The Chaeli Campaign. If it is for something specific, you may mention it in the comments column.  
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  2. Bhabhisana Baby Project
    To provide therapy for babies with disabilities and support for their families.
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  3. Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre
    For the past year The Chaeli Campaign has been running an ECD centre to facilitate learning and development for 5 severely disabled children, 4 of whom have no functional language. Th...
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