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  1. People have told Chaeli what she can't do, for her whole life. And every time they do, it motivates her to prove them wrong. Now Chaeli wants to do it again. This time, she'll ride a horse for five days, five hours a day to raise money for the Chaeli Campaign. By donating ('betting') to this challenge you're helping motivate her to complete the ride and raise funds for children with disabilities. Every bet makes a difference, no matt...

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  1. Bhabhisana Baby Project
    To provide therapy for babies with disabilities and support for their families.
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  2. General Donations
    Use this section to make a general donation to The Chaeli Campaign. If it is for something specific, you may mention it in the comments column.  
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  3. The Chaeli Cottage Pre-School and Enrichment Centre
    Raising funds for our inclusive pre-school.
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