Honey Badgers are classified as Endangered in the red species data list. Their latin name is Mellivora capensis (Mellivora means honey and voro means devour).

As their name suggests, conflict has erupted between Honey Badgers and beekeepers as they share the same interest. Beehiveir damage by Honey Badgers is a significant threat to beekeeping productivity, particularly around protected areas. Honey Badgers have been persecuted by farmers since the early 1800’s and this problem has escalated since 1990.

Most beekeeper and honey badger conflict problems occur in the Western Cape. Eighty three percent (83%) of Honey Badgers killed in the Western Cape were killed by beekeepers that were not prepared to make an effort to protect their hives. In some areas surrounding beekeepers, farmers have been encouraged to kill honey badgers to support beekeepers.

The Badger Friendly Initiative by the Endangered Wildlife Trust

The initiative aims to minimise the conflict between badgers and commercial beekeepers in South Africa by providing awareness, cost effective practices and positive incentives for “badger friendly” beekeepers.



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