Save our Blue Crane

URGENT REPORT: South Africa’s National Bird is Missing in Action

FACT: The Blue Crane population diminished by 80% in two decades.

FACT: There are currently around 4000 Grey Crowned Cranes left in our country.

FACT: There are less than 22 000 Blue Cranes currently recorded.

FACT: There are only 235 critically endangered Wattled Cranes left in South Africa.

FACT: Loss of habitat, collision with power lines and the illegal animal trade are the biggest threats to South African Cranes.

Cranes are symbols of peace and longevity. Stand behind the Endangered Wildlife Trust and help us fight for the peace and longevity of these beautiful species.

Please ensure that Mother Nature never has to file another missing species report again.

Dare to Care for a South African Crane today.

A South Africa without Cranes means a South Africa without…

  • Charismatic indicators of the health of our grasslands and wetlands. By promoting crane conservation we play a role in encouraging safe environmental practices, environmental education and sustainable utilisation of these resources for the benefit of all.
  • Ecotourism and job creation. Ecotourism is blossoming in South Africa, with birding trips in particular growing at a rapid rate.
  • National pride, without our National bird
  • Distinctive symbols of typical South African landscapes.

Thank you for your support.



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