Adopt a bunny for Easter and help us save Riverine Rabbits!

The Riverine Rabbit Programme coordinates all the conservation efforts around this
fluffy, endearing but very Endangered species. The Riverine Rabbit lives in the
thick thorny shrub along seasonal rivers in the Karoo. It occurs nowhere else
in the world and is therefore South Africa’s own special bunny. The Riverine
Rabbit is important in our Karoo ecosystems, as it is a flagship species – this
means if we conserve the rabbit’s natural habitat, we are also conserving the
bugs, beetles, beasts and bossies that all live side by side with the rabbit.
These riverine ecosystems are also very important for human livelihoods –
within our habitat restoration project, we employ people from the local
community to help us rehabilitate degraded habitat, which means we are
restoring ecosystem services, building resilience to adapt to climate change
and improving productivity of farmland. To help us save the Riverine Rabbit,
please donate to our programme, see for more details.

R200 will allow you to “adopt” one of these elusive bunnies and help us to protect them!
Please send us an email at if you would like updates on the project and to find out how your bunny is doing!



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