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  1. South Africa has seen an escalating assault on its rhino populations in the last three years and we are now facing the highest level of poaching of rhino horn could ultimately lead to their declineWe are losing one rhino every one and a half days! We have fought so hard to bring our Rhinos back from the brink of extinction. Join hands with us at EWT and Dare to Care for the security of Africa’s precious Rhino, who are once again unde...


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  1. Save our Wild Dogs
    Kruger is home to one of the last viable populations of wild dogs in South Africa
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  2. Save our Blue Crane
    URGENT REPORT: South Africa’s National Bird is Missing in Action
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  3. The Bazaruto Dugong Protection Project
    YOU can be a hero for Dugongs! Extinction threatens East Africa's last viable Dugong population.
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Activist projects

Team Drop your Rods SAVE THE DUGONG - Put Foot Rally 2017

By Erica-Darren-Keagan Stevenson

Our aim is to raise R10000.00 for the "The Bazaruto Dugong Protection Project"

27.5% Completed
R2,750 raised
R10,000 Target

Forest and Grassland Restoration

By Robert Armstrong

We aim to restore natural ecosystems mainly forests in the Hogsback region and the vast Grassland...

0% Completed
R0 raised
R350,000 Target
173 DAYS

Ceri's Rhino Fund

By ceri gemmell

"I am horrified that a species of animal so familiar to me already, at the age of 8, could become...

77.6% Completed
R776 raised
R1,000 Target

Dugong what we can

By Albert Cornelissen

Help the Dugongs as I build cool stuff.

3.5% Completed
£35 raised
£1,000 Target
549 DAYS