There is a critical imbalance of factual information about historic and contemporary Africa on the Internet’s most utilised information resource, Wikipedia. Designed to allow anyone and everyone to contribute to what is now the world’s largest encyclopaedia, Wikipedia has one fatal flaw.  The people who contribute information on Wikipedia are disproportionately male, young, and from countries in the Global North: Four out of five editors are male; Half are under the age of 22; and Four out of five edits come from countries in the Global North.  

WikiAfrica intends to activate a new community of African experts and amateurs, along with organisational partners, to edit and introduce 30,000 new articles about who and what Africa is onto Wikipedia over the next two years.

What can you do about it?

  • You can contribute your knowledge of Africa to Wikipedia by joining WikiAfrica.
  • Donating money to WikiAfrica - click on the red Donate button above!
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Any donation you make will assist us with:

  • developing training tools and mentorships; 
  • developing partnerships with archival partners across Africa; and
  • activating and supporting new wikipedians across Africa and beyond.


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I am going to challenge all the journalists, writers, artists, and people I know via social netwo...

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