Growing Nations teaches farmers, families, communities & young people in Lesotho & beyond how to 'Farm God's Way' using Conservation Agriculture (CA) methods.

The aim of Growing Nations work is to transform lives both physically & spiritually through the training & mentoring of farmers.  This is done through an agricultural extension program, working with farmers where they are & with what they have, providing them with the knowledge & expertise to help them transition from conventional farming to CA.

Growing Nations has a 10ha demonstration & research farm at Maphutseng, Mohale's Hoek which allows farmers to come & see first hand how CA works & also allows Growing Nations to carry out research into best practices.  Since 2008 Growing Nations has worked with universities in Lesotho & the USA together with the Swiss Development Corporation to carry out research into optimum plant populations, fertiliser rates, cover crops & inter-cropping.  The Haraka Planter a CA rotary push planter was also developed by Growing Nations in conjunction with Eden Equip with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In addition to the using the demo farm the Growing Nations team also carry out farmer exchange visits which allow farmers to visit other CA farmers to see how CA methods can work in practice.

Growing Nations runs a Resident Student Program & every year it works with a group of young farmers providing them not only with practical CA training but also training in leadership, transformational development, agri-business, & vegetable production.  Growing Nations sees these young farmers as the future of farming in Lesotho & is working to invest in this new generation of individuals who are starting to see the opportunities available to them within Lesotho.

The youth & community project run in conjunction with the LECSA (Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa) works with community run projects within Lesotho, helping them to provide for their own communities by growing their own food.

All of Growing Nations work is underpinned by key biblical principles & Growing Nations works alongside all individuals across denominations, with those who have a faith & those who do not.   It helps individuals see how they can produce food in a sustainable way, helping to to reduce soil erosion, using climate smart methods.  Growing Nations is all about passing on knowledge to others & does not provide free handouts, which it has learnt from past experience, create dependency on others.

If you would like to support the work of Growing Nations you can do so by contributing to the general running costs of this project.

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