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Kibwe Kids is an NGO interested in providing safe, secure environments for all vulnerable children within our reach.


Kibwe Kids intends to provide supported and supervised community-based foster care for orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children within the communities that we already work in, liaising with our local community workers who identify the children in need.

We believe that living in a small family unit with a dedicated foster mother or parents and no more than six children, is the next best place for children who can’t be cared for by their own biological families. Our children grow up in their home communities and culture, where their home language is spoken. They have a foster family to support and care for them and we hope that one day they will either be reunited with their biological families, or failing that, that we have provided them with the necessary grounding to lead happy, successful lives.


By September 2008, statistics from the South Africa Social Security Agency confirmed that close to half a million children were in formal, court-ordered foster care. About 80 per cent of these children are placed with relatives. Adoption is in decline. We are concerned about the 20% without available extended family and those whose extended family neither have the capacity nor interest in fostering.


Moving away from large orphanages where children are often neglected and abused, we concentrate on creating a small family nucleus of 6 children with a foster mother. This home-like environment provides nurturing for the children who attend local schools and integrate into society, with the emphasis being on love, education and security for the individual child.

Before the establishment of a new foster home, we start by identifying a community which has a need to care for its orphaned and vulnerable children and where we have champions who are already involved at grassroots level within the community. These local community members are able to assess the reality of the situation in the area and advise of their needs. It is also easier to work in a neighbourhood when you already have relationships formed amongst the community. These community members become vital to the home, once established, as helpers to the new family – homework help for the children, lifts to appointments or to do grocery shopping, small maintenance jobs around the house, etc.


KiBWE KiDS was the outcome of a group of concerned business leaders that got together in 2006 and focused their considerable business acumen on the AIDS pandemic, specifically the manner in which it was breaking down the family unit and placing children at risk. Many of these children, already being labelled “the fatherless generation” by economists and poets, were facing complete abandonment, rejection and possibly sickness leading to death. The predicted situation from a socio-economic perspective was detrimental to the future of the SA business sector.

Shofar Christian Church

Shofar is a multigenerational, multicultural church movement with a global focus and reach. Their vision is to reach nations and generations through disciple-making, leadership development and church planting.

Home from Home

The Home from Home Trust was registered in May 2005, as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) as well Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). The founding trustees, Jane Payne and Pippa Shaper, worked in children’s homes for many years and realised that this type of environment was not best equipped to deal with the issues often very vulnerable children face. As a result, they developed a new model of care, and out of this the Home From Home Trust was born. Today, Home from Home is formally recognised by the Western Cape Department of Social Development as a registered Child Protection Agency and Cluster Foster Care Scheme.

We are also a registered Connect organisation.

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Kibwe Kids

By Taryn Borys

I recently spent the day volunteering at Kibwe Kids and would love to continue to support them.

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Standing in the gap


In the short term we need R70,000/month to support the orphans in Kibwe Kids care.

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By Rolf Thielen

We want to open the closed Sinekhaya House in Kayamandi Stellenbosch

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Support Kibwe

By Hercules Opperman

Canvas my friends to support this great cause!

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