Give a South African child hope; an education; support and care; a future.

1 out of every 5 pupils at Vuleka School are orphaned or a vulnerable child (OVC). The Vuleka OVC programme keeps children affected by the loss of a parent in school by continuing to provide fee support until the end of the primary phase. Donors care for these orphans by contributing to their annual tuition costs. This giving season we aim to raise R1.89 million to give as many of these children a chance; a pathway to a future where they can lead healthy and happy live; to be active citizens making a positive impact in our community.

Vuleka works closely in partnerships with local orphanages and caregivers to help keep a stable home and school environment for these children. Essential funding is sought for their annual tuition, uniform and transport costs. Vuleka raises R17 160 per child in the OVC programme or R1.89  million for all to stay at school for the school year.

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