Zero Tolerance

I could not have dreamt that a place like the Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre existed. A month ago, Cart Horse rescued Rosie, Beauty, Lucky, Storm and I. They found us in a makeshift enclosure with no feed or water, having to stand and sleep in our own manure. We were all under condition - I was a bag of bones.

It was heart-breaking to see Beauty, Lucky and Storm, their coats dirty and matted, so confined and unable to run and play as young horses should. I often wondered why our owner kept us, as it was obvious that our lives were worth nothing to him.

Cart Horse took us from horse-hell to horse-heaven here at their R&R. We now spend the days in spacious grassed paddocks, and nights in comfortable stables, after being groomed by caring hands. And, best of all, we are never hungry or thirsty.

I have reason to be extra grateful to Cart Horse, as two weeks after the rescue, my beautiful black filly foal Nellie was born safe and sound. May she never have to live in the conditions we endured.

At the R&R, we gather from paddock chat, that Cart Horse is getting tough on owners who abuse and neglect their horses. It is said that their Zero Tolerance Policy is aimed at bringing abusers to book, and ensuring that they are held accountable for their actions.
Our ordeal is over, but we urge you to support the Zero Tolerance Project, by sending your gift of R25, R50, R100, R500, R1 000 to help Cart Horse protect others from harm.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and letting your charitable spirit shine.

on behalf of Rosie, Beauty, Lucky, Storm and little Nellie, named in memory of MADIBA

PS. You can see more pictures and the video of our rescue on Cart Horse's Facebook Page.

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