Happy Ending for Hennesy

Handsome Hennessy is the latest kid to join the herd at the R&R.  He first appeared on the CHPA radar on Monday 11th February. His new owner had purchased him on the previous Friday and brought him into the Epping branch seeking farrier attendance. You can see from the images, Hennessy is incredibly emaciated. Our team gave him a thorough examination, the request for shoes was denied and the owner was furnished with a detailed care and feeding plan to move forward with, which of course entailed complete rest! Our priority is, and will always be, the working animal’s welfare. The team as a whole, and especially the Inspectors, work tirelessly in very challenging conditions to build a relationship of trust with communities who allow us to be an all important safety net to their working horses. In this instance Hennessy’s owner was given the benefit of the doubt, and whilst he assured us he would follow the advice he was given, he sadly reneged. Saturday morning, the whispers on the street reached the ears of the Inspector on duty that Hennessy was working in harness. Quick as lightening she was able to locate him. Hennessy was safely confiscated on the spot. No negotiation. He was taken straight to the R&R and will not be returning to his former life. Hennessy has indeed got a very long road of recovery to walk. Physically he has already started to pick up condition, however, emotionally, as is more often than not in these type of situations, he is in solid survival mode. This is by far the biggest obstacle to overcome. With time, gentle handling and copious amounts of love we are looking forward to seeing Hennessy’s personality begin to show.He is standing at a heady 14.3hh, his coat is the rich auburn of a drenched fox that’s been caught in an autumn shower, and given time, is going to fill out beautifully into a nice little horse.

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