Looking back at the last month - October 2018

The excitement at the recovery centre is over, our last baby was born on the 3rd of October 2018 and what a birth it was! Nikita went into labour at 7pm and as we watched her carefully we noticed that only one little hoof was showing where there were supposed to be two. After an hour of her pushing to no avail, she was exhausted and Dr Denkahus was called for assistance. He rushed over to us and with in two minutes he had helped mommy and pulled the little soul out but she was blue! We all rushed for towels and started rubbing this little one back to life. The first breath was the happiest moment ever!With all of this going on poor Nikita was not moving and we got worried. Dr Denkhaus check her vitals and gave her pain medication and 20 minutes later she was calling out to her new bundle of joy.  This was an amazing but scary experience for us all, and a good lesson learnt.We have also had our new arrivals' teeth checked this month by Bennie Walden. He is an amazing dentist and is so calm with all our horses. We also had the wonderful JJ Terblanche come out on his off day to help Spartan with therapy. He does the most amazing body work on our horses and Spartan loved every minute of the session.We have had two new arrivals this month and had 2 adoptions and one foster; all are doing very well and happy in their new homes.Since the start of spring our green paddocks are not looking so green any more and we struggle to water them and that means our feed costs go through the roof.Please feel free to come and visit all the ponies at the recovery centre, they are always happy to see new faces and get hugs and cuddles.

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