Annabelle's Baby

Annabel formed part of a two pony confiscation case earlier this year. She came into the center in a very poor physical condition and as she underwent the rehabilitation process, we noticed that her stomach was growing exponentially.On 24 July we thought that she might be going into labour and kept a close eye on her. The next morning she was admitted to Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital and it turned out she had a severe case of colic. She was in immense pain and as a welfare organisation we simply could not afford a colic operation. The staff at Blue Cross were amazing and stayed up with her for two nights and she was kept comfortable. She amazed us all by passing two large lumps of plastic which she must have consumed months ago before she came to us. She recovered in a few days and was sent back to the R&R where we were now anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby.She made us wait for a whole month and finally, on 25 August, a beautiful little boy was born!

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