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  1. VisionA regulated carting industry on the Cape Flats, with all working cart horses fit, healthy and comfortable in their work.MissionTo protect working cart horses and donkeys from abuse, and contribute to the social upliftment of the Cape Flats carting community.AimTo provide clinic, patrol, and call out response,veterinary, and rehabilitation services to all working cart horses anddonkeys living on the Cape Flats, and support, educ...

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  1. Sponsor a Stable
    We are looking for horse lovers to contribute R500 to sponsor a stable which will contribute directly to the care costs for rescued cart horses.
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  2. Donation
    Protecting the working horse from abuse.
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  3. Zero Tolerance
    Cart Horse is getting tough on owners who abuse and neglect their horses. The Zero Tolerance Policy is aimed at bringing abusers to book.
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Activist projects

Help improve the lives of working equines in CPT

By Hana P

Raising money to sponser 5 stables for a year and rehabilitate cart horses in the CPT area and it...

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