With the Crossroad Kids Shelter project, we reach out to children working and living on the streets. They are invited to a new lifestyle where they learn to say no to substance abuse, criminal activity and immoral life. The "Tsela Sefapanong" (Crossroad) House provides each kid with shelter, food, family members and the opportunity to education, sports and programmes in chararacter building and spiritual development.

The street with its uses and abuses (drugs, immorality, lack of discipline, lack of education, lack of family life etc.) has to be taken out of the children, and their humanity and dignity have to be restored. The children receive accommodation, food, education, care and love. They are disciplined and challenged to improve their characters and to serve God.

Children end up on the streets of Pretoria for various reasons and come from different places including rural areas and war-sticken African countries. They may leave home because of poverty, violence (physical or sexual abuse) by family or community members, being orphaned by HIV and AIDS, being unwanted or neglected, flee from war or sometimes merely looking for freedom with no responsibilities.

Once they have conformed to life on the street, it is not easy to get them out of it. They belong to a group or gang, they receive enough money every day to eat and use substances like glue and marihuana. They enjoy the freedom but don't realise they are wasting their futures by not receiving education and learning the true values of life. They would continue with a street life style unless people care enough for them to invite and motivate them to leave the street and come to stay in an environment like the Crossroad Kids Child and Youth Care Centre at Salvokop (Freedom Park) in Pretoria.

Crossroad Kids is managed by Action Labourers for the Harvest and is currently registered as a Shelter with the Department of Social Development for the care of 34 children. The facility is in the process of being upgraded to take care for 60 children and to be registered as a Child and Youth Care Centre.




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